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Guest Lecture Resume, Biotechnology Development of Industrial Sector.

by. Abdul Karim Amarullah, 2313100171


On Wednesday November 30th 2016, The Guest Lecture of Biotecnology

Development of Industrial Sector have been held by Altekimits collaborate with

Chemical Engineering Student Association. The invited Speaker, Mr. Ir. Yudho

Koesbandryo, is one of Chemical Engineering Alumni (K23) that already be Director of

PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia

Customer driven di PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia:

R&D → Procurement → Production → Logistic → Marketing & Sales

Fresh graduate of chemical engineering student not only able to join as

Production Engineering in Biotechnology Industry, but also other Departement such as:

R&D, Marketing, Finance, etc.


Main product of Ajinomoto Indonesia is Monosodium Glutamat (MSG). The other

product are widely found in market such as: Masako, Sajiku, Saori, and Mayumi. The

development of MSG producs are constants, for Masako and Sajiku are extreme

logaritmicly growing cause of high demand of consumen. This company are going to

expand their bussiness on frozen food.



The highest consumption of Monosodisum Glutamat is Japan, followed by China

and Korea. Indonesia is middle consumer rate of MSG in the world. Japan as the most

consumptive MSG are now not producing MSG anymore due to high production cost,

Indonesia take place that challenge.


MSG as flavor product are produced by fermentation process with molasses as

the raw material, tapioca starch can also replace it. Thailand and Vietnam use tapioca

starch as raw material of MSG cause of it avaibility on those country. Ajinomoto has

several biotechnology methods applied on the production of MSG.


Material Treatment                    De-Calcification (CM)
Glucose (Tapioca Starch)

Fermentation                              Glutamic Acid by fermentation

Isolation of GH



On pre-treatment process, composition of calsium on molasses that will interupt

the process are eliminated. Sucrose of molasses are decomposed become glucose and

fructose, on next step monosacarida are fermented by microorganism which produce

Glutamic Acid. The media of bacteria preparation contains glucose, amino acid, vitamin,

biotin, and phosphate.


During fermentation process, bactery are added to produce glutamic acid,

glucose will consumed by bactery by adding amonia. This process will produces

glutamic acid on broth fermentation, exactly at bactery cell. Osmotic process are used to

pull out glutamic acid from bactery cell. Fermentation is most important process in

producing MSG, the temperature and also oxygen supply should be controlled well.


Oxygen transfer from air trough bactery cell pass the buble medium. To get

optimum condition, the mixing should be slowly constant followed by high aeration

process. Bubbles are produced during that process, antifoam able to handle it. On next

step: glutamic acid isolation with aciding broth by sulfit acid, this process are used to

get cristal equilibrium. Glutamic acid crystal and mother liqour are separated by

filtration. The bactery are no able to reuse.


The next step is producing monosodium glutamat from isolated gulatamic acid

by adding sodium hiroxide. MSG has highest umami flavour compound and solutable at

water. MSG are going to purification process, the impurities are throw out by activated

carbon. This process known as decolorization. Final step of averall process is

crystalizing followed by heating process. The MSG crystal dried and packed before

spread out to market.


Mother liqous on producing MSG are able to used as fertilization, named Amina

Fertilizer. This fertilization are best for sugarcanes, pineapple, and another kind of weat.

By some experiment show that MSG are not dangerous to consume.


Wallahul Muafiq Ila Aqwa Mithoriq
Wassalammu’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh
Setiyo Gunawan
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Industrial Technology
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia

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