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Difference Between Undertaking Study in Taiwan (NTUST) and Indonesia (ITS)

In this writing I am going to talk about the difference between study in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) and ITS. I got very excited feeling when I was announced as one of scholarship recipients in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) to take master degree there in chemical engineering department. It was the great opportunity for me to have such a great adventure in abroad. I’ll go directly to the main topic.


If we talk about study in class, basically there is no significant difference between NTUST and ITS, we will listen to the lecturer who gives the lecture in front of the class. There are also assignments and examinations to evaluate students during the lecture, and I think the system is basically the same with ITS. There is unique thing about studying in class which is slightly different with ITS. In NTUST almost all lecturers will come in time, so don’t try to come late because you will miss so many lectures from them. And also we can bring our food or our drink inside the class, so if we are thirsty or hungry we can eat directly our drink or food, not like in ITS, it is forbidden.

For credits system, in NTUST, they also use credits system, one lecture or we can call it course usually consists 3 credits, for example Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. I took master degree in NTUST which requires 24 credits to be finished exclude thesis. For master students, there is one requirement to graduate which is required to take 2 core courses (Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena I and II) for their first year master study.

For course selection system or in ITS we call it FRS, in NTUST it is usually opened two weeks before the course is started and it will be closed two weeks after the course is started. Therefore, we can sit in first to join a certain course without selecting that course in our study plan to know whether we are interested or not in that course. And this is the unique thing again from NTUST we can choose course offered outside our department for example we can choose course from material science department but the number of courses that we take must be fulfilled certain requirement specified by our department, for example only 50 % of our total credits. It is different with ITS that we are required to do FRS one week before the course is started and must be confirmed or agreed by our supervisor. In NTUST we don’t need to talk with our supervisor to have permission when we take the courses.
Those above things are about the formal things related to study system in NTUST, in next section I will talk about the course itself and my living experience during my study in NTUST but it still has a correlation with my study.

When you take master degree in NTUST, you are required to take seminar course in your study plan and it is compulsory. In seminar course, you will go to auditorium to listen to guest lecturers from outside NTUST or even from abroad who will give seminar about their research. This course is 0 credits, even though it is 0 credits but for me this course is interesting for me because I will know the latest issue for chemical engineering research topic. In this course, we are required to submit report about those lectures to the department faculty who has the responsibility for this course.

For master degree student, they usually spend their first year to focus on their course to finish 24 credits. And their second year will be spent on doing research in laboratory. For lab works, I think it is basically the same with ITS, but the research facilities are relative complete including analysis measurement apparatus and it is so easy to do analysis such as Gas Chromatography analysis, Ultraviolet Visible (UV-VIS) analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis, etc compared with ITS. Fortunately, now ITS is having one laboratory to do all those kinds analysis. So, it will make ITS is same with NTUST in terms of research facility.

During my study in NTUST, I got so many great experiences, and the most important experience was I had interaction with foreign students who come from India, Egypt, Vietnam, USA, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, and Taiwan itself, and many more.  I discussed several times with them related to the chemical engineering courses and also chemical engineering research topic. That was fantastic experience for me because I can learn their culture and share our knowledge and of course it can also improve my English and boost my self confidence.  This is from me. I hope for those of you who read my writing can learn for me and get inspired by me. I believe that you can do much better than me.

©2012 Rama Oktavian

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